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Customer Advocacy - A fresh way of thinking

Our existing customers at InteliHub know that "Customer Advocacy" is something we're really passionate about. For us it's one of the cornerstones of any successful business & a real differentiator between the best businesses & the rest. This month's newsletter focuses on this theme. Being privileged to work with a range of "fast growth" businesses both within & outside the Insurance market we see some common themes in those that are outperforming the rest:

1. Clarity of Strategy & the plans to bring it alive is a "cornerstone".
2. A focus on developing & investing in talent underpins creating a great customer experience.
3. A continuous focus on innovation & driving & embedding change keeps them ahead of the competition.
4. Investing in developing & differentiating their proposition keeps them relevant to their evolving customer needs.
5. Using customer insight, data, & intelligence smartly is an increased & growing focus.

Blending these together in a  way which drives & enhances Customer Advocacy & Experience consistently seems to be "pivotal" to outperforming the competition & a theme that sets the "best performers" apart from the rest. Click on the links below to see some videos from one of our clients on their feedback of how InteliHub has helped them grow, develop, & evolve their business. May we take the opportunity to say a special thank you to Simon Hughes, David Kelly, Nick Giddings, Damian Baxter at Open GI & Nick Yost for taking the time to share your thoughts.

InteliHub Insight February 2017 - a Business Growth consultancy with a difference

Thank you to those of you who took part in our recent customer survey. Your feedback has helped us shape the themes that matter to you for this months edition which focuses on:

(1) Insurance in a Connected World
(2) The Power of Effective Delegation in developing Talent
(3) Old world to new world - The Customer Journey .. what a difference ..

In a rapidly changing world, we find that those businesses that grasp these 3 challenges & turn them into opportunities are increasingly widening the gap between themselves and everyone else.

Have a look at the features below for some insight on how your business can learn from what some of  the fastest growing businesses are doing ... and hear from one of our customers about how InteliHub helped them take a new approach to get the most out of their Business Intelligence & Customer Insight ...

Welcome to InteliHub Insight from Derek & Kaye - A fresh approach to helping you grow your Business, Customers, & People



A warm welcome to our first InteliHub Insight newsletter & a happy & prosperous new year to you, your teams, & for your business.

If you've received this you probably know Kate & I well. We founded InteliHub to take a "fresh approach" to helping customers grow & evolve their businesses, their people, & their customer experience something we are both passionate about.

Have a look at some of the articles below to get a feel for what were all about, & perhaps most importantly what some of our existing customers say about working with InteliHub ...

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